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Frequently asked questions


How do I apply for a position at Air Canada Rouge?
All applications for Air Canada Rouge need to be submitted online. You can view our current job openings and choose the position you would like to apply for. Then, submit your application form and a resume and tell us why you would like to work for us.
How will I know my application has been received?
Once you have completed your application form online, you will receive an automated email acknowledgement. Remember to double check that you have uploaded your resume.
I’ve applied. Now what?
Thanks for applying! Only successful candidates will be contacted. You'll then be invited to our upcoming Air Canada Rouge recruitment events.
I’m having technical issues applying online. What should I do?
If you are having technical difficulties, please feel free to contact us at ACLGsupport@vacv.com
I’m not located within 90 minutes of the airport. Can I still apply?
If you are willing to relocate once hired, you can still apply. Like we mentioned, work hours are never set in stone. If you’re called-in on short notice (and you will be from time to time), you’ll need to get to the airport quickly. Because of this, proximity is key.
I’ve worked as a flight attendant before. Does this put me a step ahead?
It can, yes. But we’re interested in all the other jobs you’ve had as well. Our recruiters will discuss your previous work experience in detail during your in-person interview.
Is Air Canada Rouge unionized?
Yes, working as part of the Air Canada Rouge Crew is a unionized position. Your salary, 6 month probationary period, and benefits after successful completion of the training programs are all determined according to the applicable Collective Agreement.
Can I work full time (40 hours a week) or request more flights?
Our Air Canada Rouge Crew members are assigned 12 to 15 flights in a month, or 75 hours minimum. But you’re free to bid on more hours if they’re available.
What’s the pay like?
Annual compensation starts at $22,000+ based on a minimum of 75 hours per month, plus per diems, overtime, a competitive benefits package, and pension plan.
How demanding are the work hours?
The work hours can be long and change often. You’ll also be away from home for days at a time. We’ll be honest: it’s a job that’s best suited to people with very flexible lifestyles.
I haven’t worked in the service industry before. Can I still apply?
Definitely. Although having some customer service experience will definitely set you apart —especially if you’ve worked with children—it isn’t mandatory. Show us you have what it takes to take customer service to the next level. We just want to be wowed (and so do our customers).
I currently work as a flight attendant at another airline. Can I still apply?
For sure you can apply. But if things get serious and we move into the more-than-just-friends phase (in other words, if we make you an offer), you’ll need to make the commitment to be exclusive.
I know more than one language. Is this an advantage?
We fly destinations all over, and many of our customers tend to speak more than one language. So being bi-, tri- and even quadri-lingual is awesome. Candidates that speak both English and French will be given priority consideration.
If I join the Air Canada Rouge Crew, can I wear my favourite sweater or nailpolish?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is that we’ve worked hard to create an Air Canada Rouge look—which includes hairstyles and overall grooming—and require that you adhere to it. Our uniforms must also be worn according to our style requirements, which will be explained to you during training.
What can I expect in an offer letter?
You’ll receive an offer letter after being accepted to our Air Canada Rouge training program. After successfully completing the training, you’ll be considered an official member of the Air Canada Rouge Crew. Your offer letter will provide more detailed information regarding training sessions, pay during training, and your official training start date. It will also discuss your compensation package, flight schedules and full terms of employment.


What can I expect from the Air Canada Rouge recruitment event?
Recruitment event experiences may vary between candidates. You can expect an in-person interview and possibly a group interview, and an opportunity to have a much closer look at a day in the life of an Air Canada Rouge Crew member—plus, a detailed discussion about salaries and expectations.
I passed my training! How soon do I begin flying?
Hey, congrats! As soon as you’ve successfully completed your training, you’ll receive a flight schedule that outlines which days you’ll be flying that month.


How often will I be flying?
You’ll fly a minimum of 75 hours per month and have 10 to 12 days off. Keep in mind that when bidding on your flights, your schedule will always be flexible and subject to change at any time.
Can I choose where I fly?
You can bid for routes based on your seniority. Want to fly to Jamaica? Put a bid on it.
What is a typical schedule like?
"Typical" isn’t a word you’ll hear much around here. Depending on a number of variables—available routes, weather, flight changes—your schedule is subject to change.

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